Personal Geek Security Pack

Computer RepairThere are many free programs you can use to make your Internet experience safer, but you have to look in several different places and download them and install them. Lots of work. Well, I have put together a package that will take care of all that work with one click.

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Stormy Weather

We rarely get thunder & lightning storms in this part of the valley but we had one between 3 and 4 this morning, followed by a light, fragrant summer rain. It was a pretty active storm, too. So many flashes and bolts it was hard to keep up. I love these storms, but my ‘puter doesn’t. Do you know what to do to protect your computer?

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5 Tips for Getting the Most out of Customer Service

We finally got all our gifts unwrapped and we get to play with our new toys. But what if something goes wrong? What if it doesn’t work or we can’t get it set up right?

Oh, great, now we have to call customer service. Not how I want to spend my day. Well, here are some ways to make your customer service call a little easier.

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Want a Cheap and Easy Computer Upgrade?

Does your computer have less than 1 GB of RAM? If so, you’re cheating yourself.

Actually, the manufacturer cheated you. They always install the minimum amount of RAM necessary to run your PC so they can save money. They charge an arm and a leg for more at purchase time, but if you buy RAM after you get your PC, you can save a few bucks.

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You can do anything at ZomboCom!

Because now and then we need some silly.

Dangerous Vulnerability in Windows XP

The timing couldn’t be worse. This vulnerability in Windows XP Help and Support Center has been cracked wide open by hackers, but Microsoft just issued their security updates for the month, so you will have to wait til next month for them to repair it.

Thankfully, Microsoft has posted a quick and easy fix at their support web site. All you have to do is go there and press a button. It looks just like that –>

Here is where you can fix your XP system:

And here is where you can read the techno-babble about the problem:

So if you’re using Windows XP, go now and get the fix. Don’t make me come down there! 🙂

Anatomy of a Spam Email

My friend Byron wrote an excellent article about spam, specifically when it comes from an individual you know or a company you do business with. At first you think it’s legitimate. It’s from your bank or ISP or whatever.

But if the email has links, or wants you to log in to your account, or requires any action whatsoever, be warned: This email is probably a fake. Byron breaks it all down and teaches how you discern whether it’s good or evil. Go read Byron’s article, then you can teach all your friends and they might give you some cookies (ya, that’s a hint).

Have fun 🙂

Yay! The New Firefox is Here!

Everyone should download Firefox to get the latest & greatest.

It’s faster, safer, and less prone to crash. And all the really Cool Kids are doing it.

Have fun 🙂

How to Add a Folder Shortcut to the Windows 7 Taskbar

I love Windows 7 to pieces but one thing I couldn’t do with 7 that I could do with XP is put a folder shortcut in the Taskbar. Then I could access my Downloads folder without having to go to my desktop or start menu. In XP I could open the folder with just one click in the Taskbar. I was very sad that I couldn’t figure out how to do this with Windows 7. But now, thanks to Windows Weekly, there’s a way.

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Facebook is Showing Everyone Your Photos

Some people don’t care much about having a public presence on the Internet so they might not care that Facebook is trying to improve privacy. I like to keep my Facebook private so when they announced a major privacy change, I looked at it right away. I couldn’t help it, actually, because they have a pop-up window that invites you to go through a settings wizard.

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You Need Microsoft Security Essentials

Why do you need Microsoft Security Essentials? It’s a free antivirus program, it’s easy to set up, it runs quietly in the background, and it works really well! Sure, those other free antivirus programs work, but they can take up a lot of memory, invade your web browser with pesky toolbars, or slow down your computer.

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Hello World!

Have fun! 🙂