Hi. I’m Janet. Thanks for visiting.

Is your Windows computer driving you crazy?

It’s too slow, too many pop-ups, it freezes, it crashes…

Don’t put up with those frustrations any longer! Let’s get your computer fixed so you can enjoy it again and get back to business.

And I’ll install free anti-virus programs to help protect your computer in the future.

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I’m an A+ Certified computer technician since 2000. A+ certification is recognized internationally to establish best practices for computer support.


For repair, maintenance, upgrades, or just plain help, I’m happy to assist you.

Rates: $30/hour, $30 minimum per service call.
I prefer remote service if your PC can get on the Internet.
I specialize in home PCs. If I can’t fix your PC, you pay nothing.
Please keep in mind the best virus prevention depends on you. Don’t install toolbars, don’t click links or attachments in email, don’t accept add-ons with downloads, and do scan your computer at least weekly.


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