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Facebook is Showing Everyone Your Photos

Some people don’t care much about having a public presence on the Internet so they might not care that Facebook is trying to improve privacy. I like to keep my Facebook private so when they announced a major privacy change, I looked at it right away. I couldn’t help it, actually, because they have a pop-up window that invites you to go through a settings wizard.

The wizard is really pretty useless. You can set each item to “Everyone” or “Old Settings”. It does not tell you what those old settings are but I chose old settings for everything anyway.

Facebook Privacy

Facebook Privacy

After you go through the wizard, go to Settings → Privacy Settings and click on each category to check because even though my previous settings were for friends only, some of them had been reset to everyone. Suddenly, without my permission or knowledge, everyone could see my photos, and yours too! Do yourself a favor and take a quick look and make sure your privacy settings are exactly how you want them, then you can relax and go back to playing Farmville.

Have fun 🙂

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