"In 2006 I needed a new computer. Not being techie at all I decided to ask Janet, who was one of the IT techs at the company I worked for. Ever since then she has been there for me in everything from maintenance to decluttering my hard drive. After I moved out of state she still helps me by logging into my PC over the internet. She is prompt, reliable and trustworthy. Even when I just need an answer, The Personal Geek is there for me."

Sandi - Caldwell, Idaho


"I have found The Personal Geek to be an informative and valuable resource for information designed to keep your computer running efficiently. I have been very pleased with the quality of work and integrity of service from The Personal Geek. I can honestly say she really knows how to restore a computer. Her attention to detail and a good understanding of computers and the ailments they acquire make for a successful repair experience."

Patricia - Albany, Oregon

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